At our 32-acre, full-service facility, Midstate has the capacity to design, manufacture and provide value building solutions for all a project’s requirements. From early project planning to delivery and installation, our experienced engineering teams guide clients through the precast experience. The result: Building solutions, whether custom or standard products, that meet your project’s budget, function and aesthetic goals.

  • Preconstruction
  • Conceptual Pricing
  • Budget and Schedule Development
  • In-house Engineering and CAD Services
  • Design-Build
  • Field Installation,
  • Grouting and Caulking
  • Embed Fabrication


Architectural Precast Concrete

Midstate provides an unlimited variety of shapes, tone, texture, color and finish, to achieve the unique visual expression of your project. Architectural precast products can be engineered as load or non-load bearing.


Precast or prestressed columns and beams offer design and fireproofing flexibility for building or parking structure projects. The inherent durability characteristics and construction speed offer a high quality, low-cost alternative to other systems.

Double Tees

Prestressed structural members that meet the design requirements for long spans on buildings or warehouses. The fireproofing advantage, inherent durability characteristics and construction speed combined with reduced site form/shore cost offers a high quality, low-cost alternative to other systems.

Box Culverts

Precast box culverts are one of the most cost effective and versatile products available. The product is used for underpasses, steam culverts, bridges, tunnels or storage. With superior durability, quality and ease of installation, box culverts can meet a project's environmental, aesthetic and budget needs.

Brick/Stone-Faced Precast

Concrete Brick or stone cladding combines a traditional appearance with the durability, quality and speed of precast concrete. Brick or stone material is integrated with columns, spandrels or cladding during the manufacturing process, eliminating the need for scaffolding and field laying brick. This efficient system results in an overall project savings of time and money.


Structural Stadium Components

Precast concrete is the best value solution for stadium structures. Due to tight schedules and superior quality requirements, mass production of standard risers, rakers, columns, planks and vomitory walls eliminates costly site form work and shoring, resulting in a project savings of time and money.

Specialty Products

Curvilinear or radius products manufactured on custom forms to meet any unique project specifications. trim overall project cost.

Insulated/Precast Wall Panels

Insulated wall panels consist of two concrete wythes with a layer of insulation sandwiched between the wythes. R-values are determined by the thickness of the insulation. Panels can be designed as load bearing or non-load bearing and have a variety of features, colors and textures.

Justice Facilities Components

recast concrete has proven to be the favored material for jails, prisons, juvenile halls and other justice facilities. Due to the security benefits associated with these building types, typical precast products such as Y-walls, cell walls, insulated walls and plank are standard for panelized construction. One, two and four-cell precast concrete module units reduce field costs to trim overall project cost.